StoneTech Professional[tm] is now offering Go Pro[tm] -- a program that bundles a suite of professional-quality marketing materials in an affordable kit that a Pro can use to build credibility when selling stone care services. Go Pro[tm] is comprised of four elements. The kit includes: 100 Sales Presentation Portfolios, 100 “Introduction to Stone Care” DVDs for the homeowner, a Stone & Tile Care and Resource Guide (StoneTech Professional's “Redbook”) and StoneTech Professional Web Gallery Access. The first two elements, the Portfolios and DVDs are intended as leave-behind materials for the homeowner, and to greatly differentiate a Pro from his competitors who are bidding on the same job. The “Redbook” is for the Pro to keep, and is a helpful guide to aid a stone care professional in applying the proper care for just about any type of stone. Lastly, Go Pro[tm] includes access to StoneTech Professional's Web Gallery. Pros can upload photos of their favorite jobs onto the Web site, and they are encouraged to integrate this online element into their sales portfolio. Go Pro[tm] is ideal for current stone care professionals and those who are considering entering the stone care industry, according to StoneTech. It is ideal for Pros who are looking for an affordable way to strengthen their image as a true professional to prospective clients. It is meant to supplement rather than replace a sales presentation. It will add professionalism and confidence to any sales presentation, regardless of years experience in stone care, reports the company.

Circle No. 289