SACRAMENTO, CA - Robbie Centeio is the principal of Central Valley Granite- R3 Group, Inc., which has plans in the next 12 months on moving into its new 26,000-square-foot showroom/fabrication facility located just south of Sacramento, CA. The company intends on servicing California and surrounding states, including Washington and Oregon.

The company's business mix is a little less than half commercial with the remainder being residential track homes and high-end homes as well as hotels. “We are sticklers for keeping on schedule so much so that we have written a pledge to our customers on our Web site and within our contracts that guarantees we will remain on schedule or reward them with a discount each day we are late,” said Centeio. “You better believe that keeps us all on our toes.”

On the commercial side, Central Valley Granite - R3 Group, Inc. fabricates mostly for a national pizza chain, according to Centeio. “This franchise will build over 152 outlets in the next 16 months,” he said. “We also specialize in hotels like Holiday Inns and Radisson and shopping malls like the Sherman Oaks Galleria near Los Angeles.

“We are fabricators who create and enjoy taking raw stone products and turning it into a thing of beauty,” said Centeio. “We take great pride in our work, and believe me, word spreads. We employ five talented craftsmen in our fabricating shop that are attentive to every nuance and detail.”

With such tight scheduling and strict quality attention to the finished product, the company cannot afford any machinery breakdowns, according to Centeio. “We select and purchase only the finest equipment on the market,” he said. “A breakdown in the flow of work in our shop could put great hardship on our business, which is why we only buy the best. The main workhorse here is our Matrix Stone Products Sebring Gantry Saw. Our craftsmen love it. It is simple to operate, powerful and most importantly, dependable and it cuts through granite like butter. There is no question in my mind that it is the finest gantry saw on the market. Matrix installed and trained us, and most importantly, we know they are there when or if we need them.”