CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Diamond tool manufacturer Diamut, which became part of Biesse Group in 2002, has announced that it will open a new tool restoration operation run by highly trained Diamut operators and engineers on the Biesse Group campus in Charlotte.  The company’s customers and distributors who use Intermac and other cutting-edge glass and stone machines will be able to send their worn tooling to the Charlotte facility to have it re-profiled and restored, a process often known as “redressing,” starting in early September.

With this Diamut expansion, as well as other capabilities coming soon to the Charlotte campus, Biesse Group continues to strengthen its commitment to being a full-service provider to its customers. “The new facility will enable us to provide our customers and distributors with a fast turnaround on the redressing of Diamut tools, as well as other brands, from our conveniently located North American campus,” said Intermac and Diamut America and Canada CEO Federico Broccoli. “In order to ensure we are providing exceptional quality, we meticulously selected trusted machinery partners with great technical expertise, to demonstrate our strong dedication to the tooling market in North America.” Following the redressing operation opening, the new Diamut facility in Charlotte will also add manufacturing capabilities and will host visits by customers during the next Diamut Inside event on October 25th and 26th.

 “The objective of this investment is to respond to growing market needs through more timely and attentive customer service fully centered on the North America region,” says Diamut Tooling Division Director Gianluca Grianti. “By geographically broadening our service, we are able to bring Diamut a step closer to our end-users. This expansion will allow us to provide more customized support, faster turnaround time and reduction in shipping costs, all while maintaining superior product quality.”

 “Even in this era of automation, innovative software and interconnected factories, the tool is still the crucial point of contact between machine and material,” said Diamut America Manufacturing Engineer Alan Hooper. “Keeping tools honed to the most precise standards so they perform like new tools is part of the power behind our technology promise. The skills and knowledge technicians and engineers bring to redressing tools here in Charlotte will be crucial to machine life and realizing maximum return on investment for our customers.”

In addition to the original redressing service at Diamut Italy and the new one in Charlotte N.C., the company already offers redressing and manufacturing services in the Brazil subsidiary. For information about redressing and other expansion plans in Charlotte, customers can contact Diamut directly or get in touch with their distributors for further details.