Universal Laser Systems, Inc. announces the introduction of a new line of computer-controlled, laser engraving and cutting systems, which can be used for natural stone applications. The new XL Series is a powerful, industrial-grade line of laser machines that is engineered to handle advanced laser engraving, cutting and marking applications. The XL-9200 features a 36 x 24-inch field, while the XL-12000 features a 48- x 24-inch field, and both accommodate a broad range of materials. With rapid acceleration and amazing speed, customers should expect faster processing times and increased productivity. What is particularly unique about the XL Series is its compatibility with 25- to 150-watt air-cooled lasers in single or dual laser configurations for maximum laser power of 300 watts.

Also unique about the XL Series is the automatic detection of installed options, such as a rotary fixture or lenses. This convenient and intuitive feature assures rapid, error-free machine setups. One of the options, exclusively designed for the XL Series, is an advanced beam indicator that precisely identifies the point of laser impact on the material's surface. Another option compatible with the XL Series is the new High Power Density Focusing Optics[tm], a lens option that reduces the focused spot size and produces finer, more detailed engraving ideal for photographs and smaller text.

“All Universal laser systems, including the new XL Series, are designed for ease of use,” stated Chris Risser, Engineer Manager. “We developed a new driver with a Print Preview function and a color display on the control panel to make operation simpler than ever. The XL Series is a powerful machine that will make a significant impact on the industry. It's going to be especially useful in high-end industrial applications.”

Circle No. 296