Ariostea Marmi recently presented four new marbles that are industrially reproduced using exclusive production processes: Azul Macauba, Verde Brasil, Botticino and Rosso Francia. Due to the combination of natural raw materials and patented technologies, in this collection Ariostea Marmi has been able to reproduce the aesthetic characteristics and full-body veining of the original quarry marbles bearing the same names, according to the company. Today, research and technology make it possible to reproduce materials that nature takes centuries to form and which are not always easy to find, the company reports. These reproduction marbles are available in 60 x 30, 40 x 40 and 30 x 30 cm and in either honed and polished or pre-polished finishes. Also offered are wainscoting, rosettes and frames cut by waterjet as well as accessories with shaped contours.