Silestone presents four new deep, dark hues: Iconic Black, Stellar Night, Marengo and Tebas Black. Created with Silestone’s N-Boost technology, the four shades offer technical and aesthetic features for the most demanding projects.

With its highly sophisticated aesthetic and functionality, the four new hues reflect a growing demand across the residential, commercial, and hospitality space for surfacing that evokes depth, drama and contrast, a significant departure from the neutral mainstays. The qualities of these four dark tones are further enhanced by Silestone’s N-Boost technology, which modifies the surface of the material on a molecular level, resulting in an easy-to-clean, liquid-repellent surface, while also intensifying the color of the surface for a more authentic and striking surface with extraordinary shine.

“With N-Boost we have adapted the DNA of our Silestone surface, reinforcing its unique status in the market,” said Valentín Tijeras, vice president of global product and R&D at Cosentino. “Its technical advances on a molecular level make it easier to keep Silestone clean, while also contributing to the material’s already incredible stain resistance. Our goal is to offer our customers the most popular colors from Silestone, coupled with the very best performance.”

These latest colors bring the Silestone with N-Boost technology color offerings to 11; the newly launched Eternal Series and Iconic White also feature the latest Silestone technology. In addition to the qualities offered by N-Boost, Silestone also features high impact and scratch resistance, jumbo and custom format availability, and a wide range of application versatility.

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