Cosentino USA has just announced the purchase of four additional production lines for Silestone natural quartz surfaces that will double its production capabilities to more than 40 million square feet per year, according to the company.

“Silestone is currently the largest natural quartz manufacturer in the world, and this purchase will double our production capacity and push us seven production lines above our closest competitor,” stated Roberto Contreras, President & CEO, Cosentino USA. “This allows us the flexibility to make our product even more efficient and consistent because we can keep more colors in production at one time, and deliver more product quicker.” According to Contreras, the purchase of this technology ensures expedited delivery, more color consistency and the ability for Silestone to continue to launch additional colors because an increase in production lessens downtime between colors.

“This purchase reflects Cosentino's commitment to natural quartz and its continued growth in the market,” says Contreras. “Silestone has doubled its sales each year since entering the American market, and currently accounts for more than 65% of natural quartz surfacing sales. The additional production lines will solidify Silestone's leadership position in the industry.”

Products launched in the past year include - Silestone integrated stainless steel sinks, the vanity top program, Muro backsplash, several new colors and The Cosentino Collection for the bath. “Cosentino's primary objective is to adapt quickly to the consumer's wants and needs in each market where we have a presence,” says Paco Cosentino, President and CEO, Cosentino S.A. “For this reason, we have a very active research and development department that forecasts market expectations.”