LYNDHURST, NJ – Sika, a global pioneer of specialty chemicals for the construction industry, sets the theme of “Installation Protection” with its liquid-applied membranes next week at Coverings 2024 in Atlanta, GA. The company will present its SikaTile® crack-isolation and waterproofing solutions at the prominent industry event, stressing to attendees the importance of protective membranes to tile and stone installation longevity.

“Tile installations demand a significant investment of time and money, so it’s critical to take appropriate measures to protect those investments,” said Sika Director of Tile Setting Todd Boos. “Our liquid-applied membranes are designed to provide that protection. Even when all surface-preparation and substrate-corrective steps have been executed, changing conditions in the installation’s environment during its lifetime can cause it to fail. The SikaTile membranes provide a broad tolerance threshold that protects installations through dynamic conditions.”

The company will present its industry-leading crack-isolation membrane, SikaTile®-200 Fracture Guard Rapid. The liquid-applied membrane can be applied with a roller, trowel, brush or airless sprayer to cover any surface shape. It cures to provide elongation that prevents in-plane surface cracks from transmitting through to the finished surface. SikaTile®-100 Moisture Guard provides the same features and protective characteristics as the crack-isolation membrane, while also waterproofing the installation. The membrane prevents continuous and aggressive water exposure from penetrating the tile system and causing property damage and installation failure.  The membranes serve as crucial protective components of secure SikaTile systems.

“When it comes to tile installation protection, our message rests on two notions: significance and simplicity,” impressed Boos. “Applying a quality membrane is imperative to ensure a lifetime of secure lasting beauty. When contractors forgo this step and the installation suffers damage as a result, the repaired surface is rarely as pleasing as the original. Fortunately, our liquid-applied membranes make this protective process easy. As with all SikaTile solutions, our membranes are designed with the contractor and customer in mind.”

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