The Ann Sacks Areva Collection is a marble series with visually intriguing designs available as a single shade or in a combination of marbles to achieve an illusionary ombre effect. The choice of marble as a medium for Areva’s artful forms adds to its bespoke air and impact, the classic stones featuring remarkable color and range of veining to impart exceptional surface movement and depth.

Areva is handcrafted using proprietary techniques in two styles – a plank and a micro-mosaic – its tactile surface and color composition creating dynamic options for the home. The plank pattern is achieved by joining small rectangles together to form its 2- x 7- inch length. The 8 -x 8-inch micro-mosaic presents a mesmerizing complement of repeating rows of small marble squares. For single shade lay-ups, consumers can choose from Thassos, Lilac or Lotus Green, while the graduated, ombre stone designs are available in Lilac and Thassos or Lotus Green and Thassos combinations. Marble is one of the core strengths within Ann Sacks product portfolio. Areva continues to build upon the category’s rarified, diverse offerings with three marbles that do not disappoint – from understated to showstopping – and patterns that command attention: Thassos, a classic marble that ranges from pure white to one that is gently interspersed with soft, caramel colored veining; Lotus Green, its succulent jade field mottled with touches of white to cream; and, Lilac, with a milky white field interrupted by lilac to amethyst figuring that randomly plays across the surface. The Areva collection adds the appropriate tension within a room to transform any setting into a masterful backdrop of sophistication. Areva is an ideal choice for all interior vertical placements, including statement-making feature walls, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, and borders. The collection is also a candidate for outdoor installations dependent upon climate and method of installation.