The result of a careful selection of natural raw materials, on-going research and experimentation and advanced manufacturing techniques, Metropolis comes in eight different shades (Almond, Graphite, Greige, Gray, Mud, Sand, Silver and White), produced with a natural surface and a non-slip surface for outdoors.

Squared and rectified, the concrete-effect porcelain stoneware tiles in the Metropolis collection come in eight different sizes (from the classic 30x60 and 45x90 to the larger 60x60, 60x120, 90x90, 120x120, 120x278 and 160x320 sizes) and in four different thicknesses (from the thin 6 mm to the classic 9 mm and 10 mm, as well as an extra-thick 20 mm version for laying outdoors). 

With its modern, decorative effect, this versatile, flexible collection of porcelain stoneware tiles is designed to meet the needs of contemporary living spaces; delicate accents of light delve into fluid surfaces with neutral shades, where the essential nature of the material and the soft color variants bring functional, elegant appeal to the concrete-effect tiles in the Metropolis range. 

This is a collection that goes beyond the modular tile concept, towards the design of continuous, fluid spaces: thanks to the ‘rectification’ process, which involves perfectly squaring the tile edges, and the large sizes, a sense of visual continuity can be created throughout settings, with joints reduced to a minimum or barely perceptible, while the 6-mm thickness allows for endless applications, such as coverings for walls, accent walls, shelves, worktops, tables or wall-hung elements.

In addition, the availability of both a natural surface and an anti-slip surface makes it possible to create interesting indoor-to-outdoor looks, and thanks to the 20-mm thickness, the concrete-effect stoneware tiles in the Metropolis collection can also be laid outdoors, both glued onto screed, guaranteeing excellent load resistance, and directly on sand, gravel or grass, thus obtaining paving that can be walked on immediately.

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