WAREGEM, BELGIUM -- Happy Feet International, a renowned national distributor of flooring materials, is working closely with Unilin Technologies and integrating Unilin’s cutting-edge solutions across its entire range of locking products.
“Since our start in 2012, Happy Feet International has supported the Unilin Technologies locking systems,” said Casey Johnson and his son CJ Johnson, co-founders of Happy Feet International. “Through the years, we experimented with other systems, but quickly realized the significant impact of the specific locking system on the installation experience, claim rate and quality perception of our products. Therefore, we not only decided to switch back all our locking systems to the trusted solutions of Unilin Technologies, but we also strengthened the relationship to include direct access to their click experts, quality control expertise/data, and most importantly, their newest innovations before they are made public.”
Floris Koopmans, Sales Director IP at Unilin Technologies, reaffirms the strength of their partnership. “The cooperation with Happy Feet International is a clear win-win,” he said. “Not only will Happy Feet International have our technical expertise and marketing support, but they will also enjoy direct connections with Unilin’s licensed manufacturing base and granting them early access to our newest innovations. It not only allows us to present our state-of-the-art technologies and newest innovations, but it also provides us with an even better representation in the U.S. market due to Happy Feet International’s nationwide distribution.”
This partnership between Happy Feet International and Unilin Technologies marks an exciting future and influences the standards in the flooring industry. This commitment to innovation and quality will ripple through the entire flooring landscape, raising the bar for excellence and customer satisfaction.