Once again, WOW Design has received international recognition for its bid to stand out for the high design appeal of its products.  This time, the ICON collection, based on a 3D tile model, was awarded a prize in the architecture and façade systems category of the 2023 Planet Positive Awards, organized by Metropolis, the prestigious U.S. magazine.  
 As Metropolis states in the entry rules, the awards “single out the most outstanding achievements in current design that address climate change, human health, ecosystem health and equity”. These are precisely the values that ICON by WOW Design, designed in collaboration with Summumstudio, represents.
 The 2023 Planet Positive Awards, the third edition of the event, give international recognition to innovative architectural projects and products clearly aimed at fostering human wellbeing and the planet’s conservation. They also acknowledge the efforts of companies and professionals that spearhead the move toward a sustainable environment from an architectural and design perspective.

A symbol of design and sustainable architecture.
ICON is a modular system of 3D ceramic tiles, inspired by the profile of structural concrete. The tiles are stacked, one on top of the other, to form an innovative brise soléil or latticework screen, allowing for the creation of endless different patterns. This eye-catching construction system can be used to create façades and partition walls both indoors and out, enhancing spaces physically and emotionally.
 ICON comes in two versions: IPN Cotto and UPN Cotto. Thanks to their modular design, both can be used to spark off geometrical interplay, depending on how they are combined and laid. The natural terracotta version can be customized and glazed in any required color.  
 The singular screen walls that can be created with ICON guarantee privacy, linking indoor and outdoor spaces in sinuous style, filtering the light, improving the ventilation, and naturally regulating the temperature of spaces. In a nutshell, the collection is a superb example of sustainable construction. ICON, which holds an HPD and an EPD, can also be used outdoors due to its high-performance technical properties.  
 Thanks to its construction system, ICON is a flexible, versatile choice, conceived to enrich contemporary architecture. ICON screen walls have been singled out at other international awards, such as the Red Dot Design Award, in the product design category, and the 2023 IF Awards 2023 Metropolis and the Planet Positive Awards.
 Metropolis is a prestigious, internationally acclaimed U.S. design and architecture magazine, based in New York. The magazine, which first came out in 1981 and is published in a paper and online version, focuses particularly on ethics, innovation and sustainability.  
 The Planet Positive Awards are divided into the following categories: workplace and education, hospitality, civic and cultural spaces, landscape and urban planning, product design, projects and recognition of professionals and architecture studios.
 The jury of the awards is made up of experts in different types of projects and product categories. For this edition, they were Verda Alexander, editor at large of Metropolis and cofounder of O+A; Lona Rerick, principal of ZGF Architects; Kelly Beamon, deputy editor of Metropolis; and Avi Rajagopal, editor in chief of Metropolis.