With the launch of the Pool Stone Sukabumi Select collection, Island Stone brings a custom-curated range of the much-revered Balinese Sukabumi stone to the U.S. market. Sukabumi Select is the preeminent material for pools at high-end resorts and five-star villas throughout the world and has been used extensively in Southeast Asia as the leading luxury lagoon look.

For the Pool Stone Sukabumi Select collection, Island Stone hand-selects specific tones to create the ultimate blend that makes designing and installing pool projects as easy as possible.

Chlorite, a green-colored mineral, gives the stone subtle natural hues. Once submerged, the tiles’ colors blossom to produce stunning shades of green that complement the natural surroundings of any exterior landscape. No two pieces are alike. Sukabumi Select’s distinct variation comes in a variety of tones and textures, featuring low tonal movement to darker-toned crystalline deposits, adding dimension and character.