Speroni STP Essentia — BB Industries

The Speroni STP Essentia is an entry-level Tool Presetting and Measuring System, supplied by BB Industries. With the Speroni Essentia, you can efficiently measure tools easily and independently of the operator achieving full machining productivity. Robust, space-saving and long-lasting, the Speroni STP Essentia is ready to deliver quality results right beside your CNC machine. It has clear, concise and easy-to-use controls specifically designed to optimize all tool presetting and measuring operations. Additionally, an attractive multi-touch display efficiently complements STP Essentia’s design and ergonomics. Tool presetting essence is delivered on a Windows™ OS PC-based display and sensor system with high-definition camera. The automatic Run-Out, MaxP, Comparator, Base Post Processor and the top-level Tool Database are only some of the functions included in the Essentia control. The online help function further aids operator usage.