CACHOEIRO DE ITAPEMIRIM, ESPÍRITO SANTO, BRAZIL -- The second stage of the program Export More Brazil, focusing on natural stones, ended with great news: 24 Brazilian companies in the natural stone industry closed approximately R$15 million in deals for the 12 upcoming months. The negotiations took place between August 22 and 24, 2023 during the 32nd edition of Cachoeiro Stone Fair -- the largest business showcase in the Brazilian stone market, held annually in the city of Cachoeiro de Itapemirim (in the state of Espírito Santo).  

Overall, there were more than 150 meetings held between 24 Brazilian companies in the natural stone industry – headquartered in the states of Ceará, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná and mainly Espírito Santo – and nine international buyers from Germany, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Argentina and South Africa. Espírito Santo is the leading Brazilian state in the production and foreign trade of natural stones. In 2022 alone, it accounted for 81.8% of all sales from Brazil to the international market. 

The program Export More Brazil, carried out by the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil), seeks an active closeness to all regions of the country to boost exports. In Espírito Santo, the stage was held in partnership with the Brazilian Center of Natural Stone Exporters (Centrorochas), ApexBrasil's partner in It’s Natural – Brazilian Natural Stone, a sectorial project to promote exports of Brazilian natural stones. Along with Milanez & Milaneze, Centrorochas recruited the 24 Brazilian companies that participated in the business meetings.

Jean-Pierre Pieterse, a representative of the company JP Marble Classic, from South Africa, was part of the team of buyers participating in the second stage of Export More Brazil in Espírito Santo. Upon returning to his country, the entrepreneur was satisfied. “My experience here in Brazil was great,” he said. “I did not expect to see such a wide variety of colors available. I am grateful to ApexBrasil and to Cachoeiro Stone Fair for bringing us here and showing us a wonderful reality. We look forward to engaging with Brazilian stones and the companies we were honored to visit here.”  

The activities of the second stage of Export More Brazil began on August 21st, with the event Dialogues Export More Brazil, at the headquarters of the Confederation of Manufacturing Companies of the state of Espírito Santo (FINDES), in the city of Vitória. The organization collaborates with ApexBrasil to carry out the Export Qualification Program (PEIEX), which has been training 150 companies from the state to export in 2023-2025. ApexBrasil's Director of Corporate Management, Floriano Pesaro, welcomed participants, including entrepreneurs, politicians, journalists and organizations in the industry.

Besides the opening ceremony, which was attended by local authorities, there was also a panel on opportunities for exports and investments in Espírito Santo, a state where the number of companies registered in the list of Brazilian exporters and importers of the Ministry of Economy almost doubled in the span of a decade -- from 488 in 2012 to 873 in 2022. The information was gathered by FINDES' Observatory of the Manufacturing Companies. Another panel also discussed female leadership in foreign trade, as part of ApexBrasil's efforts to increase the presence of women in international business, where they are still underrepresented. 

The second stage of Export More Brazil also included technical visits, aiming to deepen knowledge about manufacturing clusters in the natural stone sector. The schedule included a trip to IMIL's quarry to monitor the extraction process up close and visits to companies to understand the manufacturing process, the technology used and the evolution of the industry in terms of sustainability. The companies Magban, Angramar, Decolores, Pettrus, Margramar and Marbrasa were visited.

With the slogan “Touring the country so that our companies take over the world,” the program Export More Brazil seeks active closeness with all regions of the country to boost exports. Through the program, Brazilian companies will have the opportunity to meet with international buyers who will come to the country in search of products and services related to specific sectors. 

In the negotiation meetings promoted by ApexBrasil, a total of more than 100 foreign buyers and 300 Brazilian companies will be brought together, in an unprecedented and nationwide initiative. Buyers will also participate in technical visits, in order to better understand how the national production process works. 

By the end of 2023, Export More Brazil will carry out 13 stages aimed at different sectors, in 13 Brazilian states. The next stage of the program, aimed at the Amazonian Robusta Specialty Coffee industry will take place between August 27th and September 2nd, in the city of Cacoal (in the state of Rondônia). Learn more at