Wave Tech™ is a system comprised of a set of Safeboard ™ panels with specially engineered “wave cut” edges, which reinforce porcelain and other fragile slabs.

Safebpard™ Wave Tech™ OSP is a set of our OSP panels that reinforce and support fragile slabs through the entire shipping, handling, fabrication, and installation process. Wave Tech™ OSP is applied to your slab prior to fabrication and is then permanently bonded.

It provides structural support for your slab and can be installed directly onto a countertop with an overhang, with or without a sub-top.

Wave Tech™ OSP can be applied to your slab with a two-part epoxy, or with pre-applied Quick Stick adhesive. Once applied, your slab will make it through even the toughest fabrication and installation processes.

Panels piece together to cover the entire surface of typical slab sizes (65”x136” or 65”x128”) to provide reinforcement and rigidity.

Instead of one large and difficult-to-handle 65- x 136-inch panel, we have developed several panels that interlock with a strong joint to make up the required surface area. It is easier to assemble and provides greater strength than small panels with straight cut joints.

Wave Tech panels can be shipped for much lower shipping cost due to their smaller size and the fact they can be stacked on top of each other.

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