Safeboard™ OSP is constructed to last and provide worry-free enjoyment of your beautiful stone countertops. Avoid long-term problems that plywood sub-tops can cause such as warping and bacterial growth. Unlike plywood, Safeboard ™ OSP is:

  • water and moisture resistant
  • rigid and durable aluminum
  • safe and sanitary

Plywood absorbs water and warps over time. Not to mention the mold and formaldehyde. YES, plywood frequently contains formaldehyde. Safeboard ™ OSP is utilized in the stone and tile industry as a safe and sturdy alternative to plywood for kitchen, bathroom and outdoor countertops.

With Safeboard ™ OSP there's no more need for corbels, or engineering metal frames to support an overhang. Made up entirely of high-durability aluminum, a strategically engineered honeycomb core is bonded between two rigid skins to create incredible strength.

Safeboard ™ OSP is the first ever engineered sub-top system and is almost four times more rigid than plywood.

A 5/8-inch panel of Safeboard™ OSP supports more weight than 3/4-inch plywood.

Safely install a 16-inch overhang with a 5/8-inch panel of Safeboard™ OSP.

No additional support needed. 

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