Nicolai Diamante introduces the Giotto DM80 series. To start, these wheels are true DM80 (inside diameter). Because of this size, they have longevity with the total life of each wheel reaching upwards of 12,000 to 15,000 linear feet. In addition, the speed is unmatched, according to the CNC tooling manufacturer. The position 1 (G1) can be pushed up to 100 IPM. Position 3 (G3) and Position 4 (G4) can run at up to 400 to 600 IPM. The Position 5 (G5) can also be pushed for a clean finish. Furthermore, polishers can be pushed to 100 IPM. To remove lines for a mirror finished edge, a Position 6 (G6) metal (flat or profile-shaped) can be used. Lastly, with regular utilization of dressing sticks, up to 6,000 linear feet can be ran before the first EDM service is needed.