WASHINGTON, DC -- Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, marine biologist, policy expert, writer and co-founder of the non-profit think tank Urban Ocean Lab is scheduled on Friday, September 29th, at 11a.m. (ET) to be a keynote speaker at Greenbuild. Johnson has a longstanding career in sustainability with current projects, including serving on the board of directors of Patagonia and the U.S. State Department’s Foreign Affairs Policy Board, advising Nike and La Mer on corporate sustainability, and writing a book on climate entitled What If We Get It Right?

According to Johnson, climate change is about transformation, and it's no small task. But she's also a firm believer that transformation starts at an individual level. “You and I can make a difference in climate solutions by championing what we are passionate about and what we find to be most meaningful,” she stated. “By understanding our own ‘climate action Venn diagram’ - encompassing our skills and resources, the climate issues most important to us, and what brings us joy - we can all do our part in driving transformation.”

With more content than ever before at Greenbuild 2023, you will also hear a range of new perspectives and insights alongside Johnson, with other water and CSR-focused sessions, including:

  • How Meta Data Centers Committed to Be Water Positive Using Collaboration at Scale
  • Connecting the Drops for Water Stewardship – Efficiency, Carbon, Reuse, and Quality
  • Designing and Building Resilient Waterfronts
  • From Commitment to Action: Turning Net Zero Pledges Into Reality

Early Bird registration rates are available until July 21, 2023.