This collection, based on the symbol of eternal beauty, allows you to capture the universe in any room. Luna’s design is inspired by marble pieces set into cement. It is an endeavor in ceramic innovation that shows veining and filaments in several gray tones achieving a distinguished and harmonious result. 

The collection evolves around one model available in three colors: white, gray and black. Each one boasts two finishes: polished, and matte. Both are rectified, a solution that visually eliminates the edge of the tiles to generate a continuous surface and increase the sensation space.

Luna-R Blanco helps create charming spaces thanks to its pearly base designed to contrast, and easily connect all different kinds of atmospheres and styles, available in both options: polished and matte. While Luna-R Blanco polished greatly increase the luminosity of any room, Luna R Blanco matte is slightly more discreet. 

Luna-R Gris is adaptable to any interior design trend. Its neutral beauty lends itself to a modern and serene environment. The suavity in the matte version is undeniable while it is eminent in the polished one. 

Lastly, Luna-R Negro reaches the elegance of black in a sublime way. Luna-R Negro matte is an innovative option that provide a serenity and insistence. Luna-R Negro polished is both noble and prudent with a splendid sensation.