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From a young age, Sofia Dolan has consistently shown her intelligence and work ethic – officially taking over Richstone Marble and Granite in Chantilly, VA, from her parents in 2015. Today, she is not only devoted to her family’s business and the stone industry, but she is also a loving mother to her two-year-old daughter. Read more about Dolan and her journey so far as a fabricator. 

SW: Tell us a little about yourself.

SD: I am a Uyghur-American mother, wife and business owner. When I was 10 years old, my younger sister and I received refugee status and settled in with our parents in Shawnee, OK, and later Kissimmee, FL, before settling in for my last two years of high school in northern Virginia. 

I studied at the University of Maryland College Park and George Mason University and graduated with a major in Business Economics and a minor in Math.  


SW How long have you been working in the stone industry?

SD: Richstone Marble and Granite was founded by my parents in 2006, and I started helping them out immediately as a receptionist, which grew into a sales position, bill collector and many other hats that I had to wear. I worked full-time while attending college and took over running the company officially in 2015.  


SW: Explain your role at Richstone Marble and Granite. 

SD: CEO / President / Chief Everything Officer – every day is a different challenge. Running a 20+ person company and all the growing pains that go with it. I am blessed to have talented and supportive employees to go along with making Richstone’s vision of providing exceptional quality, service and design for all surfaces.


SW: What do you like most about working in the stone industry? 

SD: I truly have the complete support of my husband as a business partner and my family to help us achieve our goals together.  


SW: What would you say is one of the most memorable experiences that you have had with your job so far?

SD: While there are many challenges of being in the fabrication industry, these challenges have made me into a stronger and more confident person. We are near completion of a new build 25,000-square-foot facility to host all our operations, and it has truly been a gratifying experience to see all of our hard work pay off with a beautiful new place to call home and take Richstone to the next level. 

I am very fortunate that my parents built the foundation for Richstone and allowed me to have this success at a young age.


SW: When you are not working, how do you like to spend your free time?

SD: My husband and I are blessed to have both our parents and siblings close by. With having a two-year-old and running a business, these days leave us very little room for hobbies, but we are hoping to grow the company to gain more freedom to pick up old hobbies like painting, traveling, dancing and helping non-profit causes.


SW: Is there anything else you would like to share?

SD: I look forward to continued involvement in the greater fabricator community, and I am open to chat with any other women that are experiencing the same challenges or just want to share best practices. 

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