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Sierra Gause has worked her way from a receptionist to sales representative at Mario & Son in Liberty Lake, WA – demonstrating that dedication and a drive to excel pays off. Learn more about Gause’s journey and why she enjoys working in the stone industry.

SW: How did you first get into the stone industry?

SG: I was looking to change career paths. I started as the receptionist and scheduler at Mario and Son. I fell in love with stone, and wanted a role that allowed me to learn more about it, the industry and work more closely with our clients. I progressed into a sales role and have not turned back.

SW: What is your current job position at Mario & Son?

SG: Sales lead. I assist clients, manage projects, train our sales team and continue educating myself to better serve our clientele. 

SW: What do you like most about your job?

SG: Assisting our clients. It is fun to see everyone’s unique design tastes, and interact with a range of people with different personalities. It is such an honor to have someone trust you with their home. It is gratifying when projects are complete and the client is pleased with their service and final product.

SW: What would you say is your most memorable experience so far of working in the stone industry?

SG: A project we did out of marble block for a client’s fireplace surround. It was very custom, and contained intricate hand finished carvings. It was my first time being involved in a project of that nature. It was a wonderful and interesting learning experience. I was impressed with everyone who had a hand in that project. It was a team effort, and everyone’s dedication paid off. The end product was stunning and the client was elated. 

SW: When you are not working, how do you like to spend your free time?

SG: I spend time with loved ones, my boyfriend Bryce and my cat Schnapps. I love playing board games, going to the movie theater, adventures with friend and being spontaneous.

SW: Is there anything else you would like to share?

SG: Working at Mario and Son has improved my life in many ways. My co-workers and the owners are amazing people. Seeing the dedication, passion and hard work from every person at the company is inspiring. They motivate me to give my best every day.

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