Marazzi’s visualizer, the Stylizer is more powerful than most other visualizers in the tile industry because it links to a myriad of ‘pre-selected, curated sets’ of floor, wall and mosaic tiles. The power of curated sets is that they allow customers to see how ‘all’ of the floor, wall and mosaic elements can combine together in one harmonious whole room visual. In addition, Marazzi’s vast offering of curated boards allows customers to shop by color, look, room and style. Shopping for tile could not be easier!

Marazzi’s high-resolution Stylizer provides design inspiration 24/7 via any cell phone, hand-held device, laptop or desktop computer.  This new digital tool allows the shopper to visualize products in one of two ways.  Consumers can upload an actual photo of a room in their own home and then “virtually-try-out” any of the brand’s tile, stone or mosaic products in their space.   The Stylizer will instantly populate the desired product into their chosen application in the photo such as a floor, wall or countertop.  As a second option, consumers may populate products into example room scenes provided by Marazzi, such as a bedroom, kitchen, living room, mudroom, etc.  An additional feature is the ability to visually install the desired product into the photo vertically, horizontally or diagonally to achieve just the right look. 

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