MADRID, SPAIN -- Neolith, the world leader in the sintered stone industry, dazzled crowds at KBIS 2023, the largest kitchen and bathroom tradeshow in the world, held January 31st to February 2nd in Las Vegas, thanks to its assortment of sustainable innovations and avant-garde designs.

Neolith presented four new designs – Everest Sunrise, Cappadocia Sunset, Neolith Victoria and La Piasentina – featuring the latest technology and art in sustainable décor. 

The Everest Sunrise model represents a flawless and perfectly balanced quartzite, specifically designed to illuminate any space at home, while Cappadocia Sunset evokes the textures, movement and dynamism of a Turkish landscape, without compromising elegance, neutrality in the color and balance expected in Neolith surfaces.

The Neolith Victoria and La Piasentina models, from the Neolith Iconic Design series, are part of new product line, which represents the long-awaited breakthrough of the decade, expected to set all new standards in the sintered stone industry. Under three main pillars, designinnovation and sustainability, these avant-garde surfaces respond to one of the great market demands, creating endless design opportunities in a multitude of applications.

“KBIS was the perfect time and place to present our new product innovation”, says José Luis Ramón, CEO of the Neolith Group, who has travelled to the city to attend the event. “I have had the pleasure of being part of a memorable journey at KBIS, where we have welcomed thousands of architects, designers and consumers who are inspired by our brand. Unveiling our latest products and technologies while transmitting that “touch, feel, live” brand experience to people is something very exciting to witness. It has proven once again, that being constantly at the forefront is critical to our ongoing success.”

The booth not only stood out for its attractive staging, but also served as a showcase for the brand's philosophy, represented under its "" mantra, which accompanied attendees throughout the visitor journey including the annual VIP party, which hosted a series of emotion-evoking activations. 

Neolith's participation in KBIS comes after a record year in 2022, which saw the largest expansion of Neolith in the North American territory.

Best of KBIS Finalist Award

Neolith had the pleasure of hosting the Best of KBIS jury to reveal its latest Neolith Iconic Design technology, receiving a "Best of KBIS Finalist Award". The booth, which illustrated a complete apartment, included as protagonists an avant-garde kitchen, a magnificent bathroom, a dreamy bedroom, an elegant meeting room and a unique dressing room, all in a spectacular 2,400 sq. ft. space showing Neolith´s potential. 

“It has been a true honor to welcome so many end users, industry professionals and brand lovers from all over North America to the show”, said Meir Levy - VP of West Coast for Neolith North America.  

“Listening to our channel partners - hearing from them – is a gift that drives our desire to fuel their passion for our collective work. 2023 is going to be another memorable year for us, having closed our best year to date, which will serve to improve as we continue to inspire the creation of unique spaces with Neolith,” said James Amendola, vice president of east coast at Neolith North America.