Below are some of the newest products to be featured at this year's The International Surfaces Show in Las Vegas, NV.

Blick Industries port manifold

Portable Manifold (8-Pair) – Blick Industries

The Blick Industries Portable Manifold is the perfect solution for replacing your old or damaged manifolds. An eight-pair design allows for eight double-vacuum suction cups. Keep your vacuum levels consistent with two oil-filled gauges. With an anodized aluminum surface, non-skid rubber base and stainless steel handles, the Portable Manifold can endure the harshest environments.

 The Blick Portable Manifold is a critical component for improving your vacuum workholding system.

 Visit Blick Industries during TISE in Las Vegas at booth #3859.

LPI Raptor

LT3Raptor -- LPI 

LT3Raptor from LPI is a new digital templating platform designed with a robust Cloud-based management hub to make you faster and more efficient, not only in templating, but also other areas of your process, including job management, programming and more.

LT3Raptor has built-in Templating Intelligence to make quick even quicker. From Edge Detection to One-Touch technology, finish fabrication-ready files in fewer clicks easily and intuitively.

LT3Raptor has taken the user-friendly foundation of the current LT software and enhanced it. The new UX and UI feature workspace customization, improved Quick Actions, and more.

A Cloud-based management hub at your fingertips where you can view and manage jobs, edge styles, drop-ins, user permissions, workflows and more.

See the LT3Raptor in action at LPI’s booth (#4610) during TISE in Las Vegas. 

wilson wire saw

Wire Saws – Wilson Industrial Electric, Inc.

Wilson Industrial Electric, Inc. manufactures stone processing equipment in Elberton, GA. One of the company’s most popular pieces of equipment is the Wilson Wire Saw. Wilson Industrial Electric’s Wire Saws are built to last in sizes ranging from 5 feet up to 8 feet. All wire saws are manufactured with Mitsubishi UL certified control panels with the latest variable and repeating width program. The wire saw has become a favorite among the company’s big block customers. This specific piece of equipment makes it possible for them to get an edge over their competition by sawing larger slabs. According to Wilson, the company is not your standard equipment builder as it listens to its customers and incorporate their ideas into their very own custom piece of equipment. Wilson is known for its custom-built saws that are proudly manufactured in the U.S. Visit Wilson Industrial Electric at booth #4605 during TISE in Las Vegas.

Titan CNC from Park Industries

Park Industries -- Titan 3000 Series 

The Titan® 3000 Series from Park Industries features exceptional productivity thanks to fast tool changes and speedy out of cut movements. With flexible water control, exceptional build quality and precise accuracy, the Titan is a top choice for high-speed polishing with ease and reliability. 

Offering a large heavy-duty table, the Titan provides you freedom to load up a table full of parts, hit go and walk away while it efficiently finishes countertops, large islands, vanities and more. 

The Titan is proudly USA Made with Park Industries 24/7 service and next day or no pay parts guarantee. Visit Park Industries during TISE in Las Vegas at booth #3837.

water treatment

Water Recycling System 

Water Treatment Solutions pioneered the 100% Closed Loop, Chemical Free, water recycling system for the Stone Industry.  As the innovator in producing both crystal clear recycled water at less than 2 micron and gray/white water at less than 50 micron – WTS has over 1,500 systems installed across the USA, Canada & Mexico.  WTS knows that water is the back bone of your shop – that is why we pride ourselves in providing the best Customer Service in the industry.  We are also dedicated to the well being of your team, only WTS offers a chemical free system and our systems have the ability to capture the stone dust residue to such an extent that shops with our systems meet or exceed OSHA standards when tested across the USA.  Safe for your employees, your equipment and the environment. Visit Water Treatment during TISE in Las Vegas at booth #3959.


High-Speed Performance from DeFusco Industrial Supply

Offering the fastest CNC tools and saw blades on earth, DeFusco Industrial Supply can show you how to increase your productivity by 10-50%, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. These savings in labor costs go right to your bottom line! Come visit us a booth #4515


The Proliner Stone Package by Prodim

The Proliner Stone Package was specially developed for the digital templating needs of the stone industry. The Proliner -- a portable, mechanical, digital templating device -- has time, and again, proven itself to be one of the most accurate, efficient and flexible digital templating tools on the market. Getting accurate digital templates quickly and easily is just half the story, however.

The same benefits can be enjoyed on the computer with Prodim’s Factory software. Upgrading from Draw to Draw Advanced offers even more advantages. With Draw Advanced, visual 3D representations of measurement files can be used to make design decisions. Entering details like the thickness of stone pieces and glue to be used allows Draw Advanced to make calculations and identify potential problems. Alerts are color-coded: red if pieces are intersecting, orange if pieces are touching, and green if everything is good. The software can show how measured walls are aligned, and it provides the tools to optimize the project for production. We call this process normalization.    

Prodim’s Proliner Stone Package & Draw Advanced software help to eliminate costly mistakes before installment and ensure professional results can be achieved every time. Prodim’s complete digital templating solutions for the stone industry are perfect for templating everything from countertops, with or without backsplashes, to fully tiled bathrooms, and it can seamlessly connect field, office and production activities.