DENVER, CO -- QuickDrain USA is thrilled to announce that the QuickDrain ShowerLine Linear Drain system was named a winner in the Best in Bath category in Good Housekeeping’s first-ever 2022 Home Renovation Awards. A full list of winners can be found online at

"QuickDrain is honored to be recognized among the industry's leading brands by Good Housekeeping," said Katherine Lehtinen, Oatey’s senior vice president of brand & digital marketing. “Good Housekeeping has always been a trusted resource for millions of homeowners looking to make their homes more beautiful, functional, safe and efficient.”

Ideal for curbed or curbless showers, the QuickDrain ShowerLine linear drain is designed with high-quality PVC and offers a cutting-edge look and sleek design that will transform any bathroom space, creating a luxurious, high-end feel. The integrated PVC drain, combined with pre-sloped shower panels and waterproofing accessories, represents a total shower solution for promoting effective and efficient drainage. ShowerLine’s unique wall-to-wall design delivers a perfectly symmetrical drain placement even if the existing plumbing is not precisely centered. Perfect for almost any existing plumbing application, stackable spacers allow installers to adjust the height of the drain cover to ensure it is flush with the shower floor. Likewise, trough extensions and covers may be trimmed onsite, after the PVC body is installed, making it easy to provide wall-to-wall coverage.