Verona, Italy will once again be the setting for Marmomac, the annual international stone exhibition. This year, the show is scheduled from Tuesday, September 27 to Friday, September 30, 2022. Since 2020, everyone around the world was disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, which halted day-to-day activity and travel. With many restrictions lifted – especially pertaining to international travel – it is expected the 2022 edition of Marmomac will see an uptick in attendees this year. 

Stone World recently caught up with Elena Amadini, Marmomac’s exhibition manager, to gain insight about this year’s exhibition.

SW: Attendance the last few years was affected by the pandemic. Do you anticipate a larger number of attendees at this year’s fair?  

EA: This year, we are on trend of matching last year's goal, with more countries missing the previous year due to travel restrictions. Promotional work targeting visitors is also underway, with an “Incoming” program implemented by the Veronafiere network of delegates and the ICE Trade Agency, and we are expecting commercial delegations from over 50 countries.

SW: Will there be any new show features this year?

EA: This year, we created The Plus Theatre as a beating heart of culture and training set up inside Hall 10. During the event, this area is animated by talks, lectures and workshops focusing on natural stone. It will also be home to the VIP lounge, the restaurant, the wine bar and five cultural exhibitions welcoming exhibitors and visitors to outline natural stone and its applications through an approach ideally interconnecting the entire production cycle -- from the block to the end product. The central theme is a varied yet harmonious interpretation of how natural stone lends itself to more or less complex applications in various sectors and the future developments likely to emerge in this sector.

Analysis in the field of architecture is entrusted to the scientific committee of Platform Architecture & Design, which, together with Marmomac, sets up a photographic exhibition of projects typifying the use of natural stone developed by 16 significant international architectural firms that will also attend the trade fair to illustrate their work during scheduled meetings. In addition, the 2022 show includes sessions such as Marmo+Tech, a stage where machinery and tooling companies will present technical innovations for stone processing, and Marmo+Press, a program of four conferences organized by four international technical publications discussing topics related to sustainability, trends and markets.

SW: What are a few reasons you want to tell industry professionals why they should attend Marmomac 2022?

EA: Visiting Marmomac means meeting the major players and professionals in the field of natural stone production, processing and distribution in a single venue; exploring the main innovations in technological areas; and keeping up-to-date with the evolution of machinery and tools for natural stone finishing operations. The exhibition space welcomes and guides visitors along a path that responds equally to the needs of architects, designers, technicians and distributors. One of the reasons for Marmomac's success is combining business with product design and culture, which is now acknowledged as a universal added value for all Made in Italy products.

Marmomac has decided to focus on this unique and incomparable competitive advantage even in the natural stone system. As a result, the trade fair boasts an exciting program of in-depth studies, internationally accredited professional training and exhibitions in art and university experimentation, architecture and design.

SW: How do you think the virtual component, Marmomac Plus, has enhanced the show?

EA: Since 2021, Veronafiere has placed Marmomac Plus at the center of its business.

The platform is available to the entire sector, bridging the gap between novices and experts, consumers that want to know more about marble and brands that want to exhibit their wares.

Today, the platform provides the most significant digital portal available to the global marble market -- opening up a scenario that expands the chain of responsibility by focusing on the need for greater communication and interaction between different spheres in the supply chain.

SW: Is there anything else you would like to share about the upcoming exhibition?

EA: This year, Marmomac pays homage to the great neo-classical sculptor Antonio Canova in the second centenary of the death in its campaign promoting the 56th event scheduled at Veronafiere from September 27th to 30th. The Bust of Peace – a sculpture belonging to the series of Ideal Heads sculpted by Canova by way of thanking his friends and patrons – represents the 2022 edition of Marmomac. A tribute performance is enjoyable during the trade show days.

Brand new for the 56th edition are "after hour" events held by companies on The Plus Theater stage in Hall 10. Marmomac offers a new way of doing business to companies that want to engage their customers through leisure, branding and commercial networking.