HACKETTSTOWN, NJ --The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), representing nearly 50,000 North American kitchen and bath industry professionals and the owners of the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), announces its newest NKBA Global Connect Program Member: Beko Home Appliances, a premium brand that’s mission is to make healthy, sustainable living accessible to all. 

With its Global Headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey, and U.S. headquarters in Bolingbrook, IL, Beko employs 41,000 worldwide.

The Beko story started in 1955, as appliances were just becoming a fixture in European households. Since then, Beko has grown into one of Europe’s top three large home appliance brands, the faster-growing player in the European major domestic appliance market and one of the fastest-growing appliance brands globally, with a product presence in more than 400 million homes in more than 130 countries. 

The brand embarked on a long-term initiative in early 2022 with the launch of the Beko Healthy Kitchen, an industry-first, best-in-class resource of people, partnerships and products committed to making the kitchen the intersection of health, wellness and sustainability in the American home. At the heart of that pledge is the launch of 65 new cooking, cooling and cleaning appliances with the technologies that empower homeowners to live healthier, more sustainable lives, and offer maximum energy savings as measured by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  

The company’s commitment to innovating for the good of its customers and the environment has brought it a long way and empowered homeowners worldwide to live healthier, more convenient and sustainable lives.  

In the U.S., Beko is differentiating its approach with the Beko Healthy Kitchen, the company’s unique commitment to bringing together the best people, partnerships and products to make good on the idea that healthy living is only truly possible on a healthy planet.

Led by Zach Elkin, Beko U.S. president, the Beko team sees an opportunity to leverage the brand’s 67-years of global sustainable operations to uniquely own the health and wellness position in the U.S. through the Beko Healthy Kitchen and its 65 new kitchen and home appliances that simultaneously promote personal and planetary health.

“While Beko has global operations and a fast-growing global market share, the brand has only been in the U.S. since 2016, so it is not as widely known as its competitors,” shared Zach Elkin, Beko U.S. president. “The brand’s biggest opportunity and #1 long-term goal is to strengthen its brand awareness to become a short-list option for dealers, designers, builders and, ultimately, homeowners, with a passion for healthy, sustainable living.”

While Beko establishes itself in the U.S., the company, and its parent Arçelik, continue to look to the future.  Adopting sustainability as a business model with its "Respecting the World, Respected Worldwide" vision in 2020, Beko parent Arçelik is currently embarking on short, medium and long-term targets towards 2030.

The NKBA Global Connect Subscription program offers a robust package of resources and connections to help international brands enter the North American kitchen and bath marketplace.  Access to industry experts, proprietary NKBA market data, North American design and construction insights, VIP events and networking programs give NKBA Global Connect Subscribers a unique view into the market before they commit to launch. For more information on NKBA Global Connect please contact globalconnect@nkba.org. 

“We are so pleased to welcome Beko into the NKBA Global Connect program,” said Suzie Williford, executive vice president and chief strategy officer of NKBA. “We have built an outstanding program designed to help marketers navigate the vast North American kitchen and bath market, and it’s gratifying to see it embraced.”

To learn more about Beko Home Appliances, visit https://www.beko.com/us-en/