Clear Seas Research, a market-research company for the flooring industry, has named the 2021 Tile and Stone Installation ClearReport Awards. Clear Seas surveys the members of the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA) every two years to ask the members for their preferred manufacturer in 16 categories within the industry. Here are the winners: 

Best Overall Value – Contractors: Mapei 

Best Product Availability – Contractors: Mapei 

Best Product Performance – Contractors: Mapei 

Best Warranty – Architects: Laticrete

Best Breadth of Product Line – Architects: Laticrete

Backer Boards – Contractors: James Hardie

Cement Based Large Format Tile/Medium Bed Mortars – Architects: Laticrete

Cement Based Mortars (Thin-set) – Architects : Laticrete

Cementitious Grout – Architects: Laticrete

Crack Isolation Products – Contractors: Schluter Systems

Epoxy Adhesives – Architects: Laticrete

Organic Adhesives (Mastics) – Contractors: Mapei

Single Component Grouts – Contractors: Mapei 

Waterproofing Membranes – Contractors: Schluter Systems

Linear Drains – Contractors: Schluter Systems

Sealers – Contractors: Mapei 

Sealers – Architects: Laticrete

Preformed Shower Structures– Contractors: Schluter Systems

Preformed Shower Structures– Architects: Schluter Systems

Wet Saws and Diamond Blades – Architects: DeWalt

Wet Saws and Diamond Blades – Contractors: DeWalt

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