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From raised geometric patterns to leather and anti-slip finishes, there is a great deal to be said about textured tile surfaces. Leading manufacturers are offering a host of finishes – meeting both aesthetic and functional purposes. Here are a few comments about the latest technology in this arena.

Ceramics of Italy

CSTD 2022 Winter Texture 01 Ceramics of Italy

Gleeze by Ragno

“Italian ceramic production has reached incredibly impressive levels of high-definition printing, which may be why surface design is the new frontier in tile. From rounded edges that simulate ancient stone to three-dimensional finishes and low relief that add depth and structure, Italian manufacturers have invested heavily in new technologies this past year to create ceramic and porcelain tiles that break through the third dimension.” – Ceramics of Italy


CSTD 2022 Winter Texture 02 Owen

Owen Stone by Crossville

The Owen Stone collection features a new leathered finish, a first for Crossville. The finish is achieved by running diamond-tipped brushes across the fired tile. The result is a surprisingly soft feel with tremendous visual richness, yet no compromise of DCOF and technical performance standards for the commercial-grade porcelain surfacing. In addition to the leathered finish, Owen Stone is offered in an exterior finish that allows for visually seamless installations from inside to out and answers the unique demands of outdoor applications. “The finishes are the big story with Owen Stone. First, our new leathered finish is really exciting. It’s silky and soft to the touch -- extremely luxurious and ideal for bare-feet floors, yet suitable for high-traffic commercial environments. Coupled with the durability of our exterior finish, this collection will answer countless design possibilities.” -- Lindsey Waldrep, Crossville’s vice president of marketing

Tile of Spain

CSTD 2022 Winter Texture 03 Tile of Spain

Subtle Texture

“With the preference for more demure designs, shading becomes vitally important. The simplest and most effective way to manipulate shade is through texture. Collections featuring hypnotic surfaces will offer spaces a unique sensory experience full of depth and interest.” -- Tile of Spain


CSTD 2022 Winter Texture 04 Daltile

Aesthetic by Daltile

“Create striking dimension in a space with patterns ranging from organic natural visuals to structured geometric textures. This large format 12- x 36-inch wall tile is designed to flow seamlessly from tile to tile. Available in a simple, yet rich and elegant white.” – Daltile

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