According to Ed Rogers, when it comes to the innovation that Vadara has, it’s a combination of a team working on things as well as feedback from customers.

“We have full research and development capabilities,” said Rogers. “We have designers that we work with continuously. We listen to our distribution partners. I just sent an email out to them with something we are considering and we wanted their feedback. But we have that kind of flexibility. We can go into the lab and create something and say OK, let’s see what the marketplace says. We listen to consumers. Consumers will give you a lot of feedback.”

Vadara discusses trends in the quartz industry

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Ed Rogers of Vadara discusses the trends in quartz colors and applications, as well as what’s in store for the future of quartz.

As far as applications for the use of quartz they are seeing it mostly in countertops but also being utilized in other places.

“We are seeing obviously the largest percentage is for a countertop,” said Rogers. “But quartz can be utilized in showers and bathrooms. For tub surrounds. Those types of things. What we are seeing … is full-height backsplashes have become very popular over the last several years. Islands with waterfalls coming down the side have become very popular. So the mainstay of the business will continue to be the countertop market, broadly defined.”