Located in the beautiful coastal town of Surfside in Miami, FL, is a 5,000-square-foot modern beach retreat that is anything but ordinary. Surfside is known for its famous visitors over the decades, including Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardner, Elizabeth Taylor, Dean Martin and Winston Churchill, so it was only natural that the interior design of the home reflect the upscale surrounding community.

Neolith, the pioneering brand of sintered stone, was specified for the kitchen and bathroom of the exquisite residence, with the goal of creating a contemporary space in which the homeowners could relax. The overall design combines classic elements, rustic textures and smooth surfaces to create a ‘beach chic’ atmosphere truly representative of the residence’s oceanfront address.

Eternally elegant

The team at DKOR, a renowned interior design firm based in Miami, was mainly inspired by the elegance and fine craftsmanship of lace. To translate the characteristics of this delicate fabric into the design, elements such as repetition, layering, contrasting and harmony were applied throughout the house.

The design team also combined rustic materials that bring texture and warmth to the space with reflective surfaces to elevate and soften the entire look of the home.

Neolith’s opulent Calacatta was specified for the kitchen countertops and backsplash, as well as the island, which is the focal piece of the room. Mixed with dark wooden cabinets and mocha furniture, the open-plan kitchen blends in perfectly with the living room, encompassing both the cozy, sophisticated Southern style of Florida’s neighbors and a bright, sleek look that is very much “Miami.”

Bold and beautiful

In the master bathroom, Neolith’s Estatuario Polished was bookmatched to produce a striking wall which separates a large rain shower from the sink and vanity. Estatuario was also specified in a second bathroom for the backsplash and countertop in continuation of this bold yet tasteful aesthetic.

“This was a really exciting project, as it gave us the chance to combine two very different styles in a meaningful way,” stated the design team. “Neolith helped us achieve this result, and was the perfect choice for a variety of reasons. The first is that its durability allows it to be applied in spaces that are used often, such as the kitchen and bathroom, without the risk of being damaged by water or other types of impact. The second is that of all the surfacing brands we have come across, Neolith’s patterns most closely resemble genuine stone, so you don’t see any pixilation or repetition in the design. Lastly, due to the size of the slabs, there are minimal seams. This allowed us to create a fluid look throughout the house, particularly in the bathrooms. After working on this project, we believe the innovation in different formats and colors in sintered stone, as well as the high performance and strength of the material, is going to eliminate most design challenges and change the way designers think and work in a big way.”

The sintered stone brand is also carbon neutral and leading the way in eco-friendly surfacing applications. Vice President of Sales and Operations of North America, James Amendola, added, “As a stain-proof, nonporous material, Neolith offers one of the safest and most hygienic countertops on the market, making it the ideal choice for residential spaces. It is also decorated using environmentally friendly printing methods, which don’t compromise its aesthetics, meaning the end result of any project will always be both beautiful and sustainable. With the help of our distributing partner, Omicron Granite, we were thus able to deliver a striking modern home that reflects, and actively works to protect, its stunning surroundings.”

Oceanfront residence

Surfside, Miami, FL

Designer: DKOR, Miami, FL

Sintered Stone Manufacturer: Neolith, Almazora, (Castellón), Spain

Sintered Stone Distributor: Omicron Granite, Miami, FL