Italian-based stone producer Antolini teamed up with architecture firm Dante O. Benini & Partners in establishing the interior design for S/Y Seven, the third project dedicated to 60-meter yachts from Perini Navi, a well-known player in the design and construction of luxury sailing and motor yachts. The interiors of the 197-foot yacht with five staterooms and six crew cabins feature a selection of fine materials including, White Onyx, part of Antolini's Natural Stone Collection. In detail, onyx is a natural stone with a crystalline structure, defined by its light delicate veining, and by particular inherent luminosity. 

In this case, its translucency has been further enhanced using backlighting systems to give the natural stone a dual function: to be a striking cladding and a component of the lighting design project. In particular, Dante O. Benini planned the use of White Onyx in different areas of the yacht: as the main wall and floor covering for the bathrooms and as a styling idea for some details, tailored to impact the whole atmosphere of the yacht. This includes the faucet base, the edge for the seating, the perimeter border for the parquet and the White Onyx jewels encased in the walls.

But more than that, White Onyx was also used for the creation of custom-made furniture, including the one for the bar area. In this case, White Onyx with Antolini’s Lux finish was selected, and it has been a winning choice -- giving an even brighter and eye-catching rendering.

At the launching of the yacht, satisfaction is transversal among the involved pros, as confirmed by the enthusiasm of architect Dante O. Benini. “The natural stone, masterfully selected and applied by Antolini, with a truly complex workmanship, highlighted how much nature is capable of expressing itself when guided by masters who have dedicated their lives towards being so.”

The partnership between the three players in the project -- Antolini, Perini Navi and Dante O. Benini & Partners -- has led to the creation of a design capable of combining technological innovation with craftsmanship to offer a high-end, welcoming and avant-garde yacht.