Just outside Amsterdam, Netherlands, is a breathtaking 7,535-square-foot villa nestled in acres of lush green forest. Situated in the verdant heart of nature, one could spend days exploring the movie-like wilderness surrounding the home. However, the villa’s all-natural interiors — Neolith is 100% sustainable and made of granite and glass minerals as well natural oxides — are arguably as impressive as the scenery encompassing it. 

Each of the house’s awe-inspiring interiors perfectly juxtaposes modernity and tradition. Colorful South Asian objects and curios and other decorative items occupy shelves throughout the residence, and vibrant tapestries hang on the walls alongside bold, monochrome stools and rugs.

To make this eclectic, yet elegant, décor truly pop, yet maintain the contrast between novel and classical, marble-effect surfaces were specified for the floors and walls. Two of Neolith’s popular designs, Italian Carrara-inspired Calacatta and Estatuario were applied to the walls and floors of nearly every room in the villa, cleverly offsetting the brand’s take on poured concrete: the textured Beton Silk. The materials were specified via Michel Oprey & Beisterveld, the Neolith distributor in the region. The result is a fresh, light and airy home which retains a welcoming feeling of coziness and warmth, making it the ideal location for chic dinner parties and memorable family gatherings alike.


The owners of this stunning residence wanted an urban space that would match the serene landscape that encircles it, but which would stand out as soon as one stepped inside. They sought the expertise of renowned Dutch architects and interior designers, Jan des Bouvrie, who is best known for his 1969 “kubusbank sofa,” and Dik Smeding, neither of whom are strangers to upscale residential projects. 

Having worked on a variety of high-end penthouses and commercial buildings across the country, they created an exceptionally tasteful environment for the homeowners, which also serves as a tranquil space in which they can relax. Bookmatched Estatuario with a polished finish was used for the statement wall behind a glimmering mirrored fireplace, drawing the eye to the center of the room. 

The flooring of all three levels of the house, the lower ground floor, ground floor and first floor, are covered in Beton, which fits in perfectly with the urban design brief due to its cementitious design.

Specified in silk finish, the floor brings the outdoors ‘in’ while also providing some traction, preventing the risk of slipping. The light hue also makes the already expansive home appear even larger, allowing guests to focus on the vibrant design accents throughout the space.


The homeowners were so taken by Neolith’s Classtone range that they decided to specify award-winning Calacatta in both smooth, Silk finish and glossy Polished finish for all five of their bathrooms. Polished was used for the walls, to give a reflective effect that opens up the space, and silk finish for the floors, to provide a muted look with more grip. 

The material was also end-matched in each bathroom. At first, this proved a challenge, due to the sloping walls, however, Neolith’s fabricators in Amsterdam, Stone & Skills, were able to cut the tiles for a perfect fit. 

Thrilled with the look and feel of the material, the homeowners also requested custom-made Neolith baths and wash basins as part of the bathroom renovation. This would create a holistically uniform, immersive space in each one, minimizing maintenance and reducing the risk of moisture damage due to Neolith’s waterproof properties.


The highlight of the project is the application of Neolith between the living room and terrace. When the floor-to-ceiling windows are open, the home and garden become one continuous space, creating an illusion of fluidity. 

The ¼-inch thickness of Beton Silk also proved useful for covering the existing terrace tiles, eliminating the need for additional labor to remove the old flooring. The material, which was used indoors, was also applied outdoors because of Neolith’s weatherproof properties. 

Commenting on the project, Marouane Babay at Stone & Skills, said, “The homeowners fell in love with the brand when they came across the @NeolithNederland Instagram page and saw the hundreds of applications Neolith could accommodate. When they reached out to us, we invited them to visit the immersive Neolith Urban Boutique (NUB) concept store in Amsterdam to view the various available colors and finishes.

“The clients were immediately drawn to Beton Silk, which is used for the flooring in NUB Amsterdam, observing how well the color suited their design plan. They then decided to specify Neolith for multiple rooms within the house upon learning that, in addition to the material’s ability to capture the natural stone look they were after, it is scratch-proof and stain-proof. It can also be cleaned using even the strongest products needed to combat viruses and bacteria.”