LOS ANGELES – Walker Zanger announces the launch of Handmade To Order, a customizable ceramic tile collection offered in thousands of unique shape and color combinations. Handmade To Order is the first custom collection by Walker Zanger and was created to provide a personalized experience to fit any design vision. The single-batch ceramic tile collection is ideal for those seeking aesthetic exclusivity and personalization in interior residential or commercial spaces.

The Handmade To Order collection includes 32 white clay body shapes varying from mesh mounted mosaics to field and organic shapes. Out of the 108 color options within the collection, 38 are new to the brand and were developed to create a well rounded spectrum of warm and cool tones. The color palette was designed to allow a blending of multiple values within a color spectrum, which can be blended in any of the pattern offerings for further customization.

“After listening to the needs of our clients who are increasingly seeking personalized design options, Walker Zanger is excited to offer Handmade To Order as a customizable collection that is rooted in quality, authenticity and artistry. We hope the collection will help in fulfilling individualized design visions and expression within the home,” said Erika Egede-Nissen, Director of Marketing at Walker Zanger.

Handmade To Order is handcrafted by local artisans in Walker Zanger’s San Miguel de Allende, Mexico facility. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage site located four hours north of Mexico City and is characterized by its Baroque architecture, lively cultural richness and longstanding tradition in tile making. Walker Zanger was first drawn to the city over 30 years ago when it started distributing the handmade creations of Cerámica Antique, a factory that Walker Zanger now operates with an emphasis on preserving local crafting techniques. The Handmade To Order collection highlights the continuation of authentic and carefully crafted tile production within the facility.

Handmade To Order is competitively priced and a dealer exclusive. Due to its small-batch nature, the collection requires an 8-10 week lead time.

To learn more about the Handmade To Order collection, visit walkerzanger.com.