Opening its doors four years ago, GHB Marble in North Hills, CA, started from nothing and has continually worked to expand its business since it started. “I like this industry a lot,” said Hayk Babuiyan, president of GHB Marble. “I used to do tile, but it wasn’t for me. I didn’t enjoy it as much. Since I have made the switch, I am a lot happier.”

Babuiyan explained that when he worked in the tile industry he did branch out and install countertops at his customers’ request. “If someone wanted a countertop, I would go and have it fabricated in another shop and then install it,” he said. “That’s how I got started in the countertop business. Eventually I just switched over to doing fabrication work.”

GHB Marble originally began with an Achilli saw before moving up to a Breton Genya 600. “I decided to buy a Breton because they have local service here in Los Angeles; that’s one of the reasons I decided to move forward with it,” said Babuiyan. “The service is very good. It’s fast. If I have a problem, they help me with their customer service.”

The warehouse where GHB Marble operates is 2,000 square feet, with two workers. Production includes cutting about five or six slabs a day.

“We do mainly residential work,” said Babuiyan. “We cut natural stone, quartz and porcelain. Most of the colors are white. Los Angeles is also 90% miters out here.”

Babuiyan also uses technology to attract customers, as well as keep his customers happy. To measure his jobs he uses a Laser Products LT-2D3D.

“I can show customers drawings of the countertops from my phone,” said Babuiyan. “I have vein matching software that allows me to do book-matching and then it’s super easy to cut. Being able to show my customers what it will look like ahead of time helps. It’s most important to me to keep the customer happy. I am trying to keep them happy and that’s why if I need some tooling to help with the job, I will get it just so I can do the best job possible.”

GHB Marble

North Hills, CA

Type of Work: Residential

Machinery: Breton Genya 600, Breton S.p.A., Castello di Godego (TV) – Italy; LT-2D3D, Laser Products Inc., Romeoville, IL.

Employees: 2