MINNEAPOLIS, MN –​ ​Cambria​, the nation’s leading American-made, family-owned producer of natural quartz surfaces, and world-renowned integrated architecture, design, planning, and consulting firm​ ​Gensler​ launched ​The Coordinates Collection by Cambria ​ this summer​. 

The collection consists of 14 high-performing quartz designs fit for both commercial and residential applications all designed to coordinate effortlessly together and created around the ​NCS – Natural Colour System​®©​, which ​NCS​®©​ describes on its website as a scientifically based color system that allows for accurate cross-industrial color communication for designers, manufacturers, retailers, and customers. This color system is a global standard for definition, quality assurance, and communication of color. 

“We are thrilled to work with the Gensler team on this first-of-its-kind product and are honored they chose Cambria as a surface partner for this collaboration,” said Cambria EVP of Product Development Summer Kath. “What we built together truly reflects the talent that Gensler cultivates, and we cannot wait to meaningfully expand our footprint within the architecture and design communities.”

The result of a two-year design, research, and development process, the quintessentially classic designs were created to work together, or on their own, and coordinate in many different ways including tone and texture. The tones match and coordinate, since they are all rooted in the NCS​®©​.

The collection draws from six different NCS​®​©​ colors which represent two shades of white; three shades of light, medium, and dark charcoal gray; and one shade of black. The NCS​®©​ is used widely by specifiers and the A&D community enabling the colors to coordinate with other specified building materials making it easy to work The Coordinates Collection into design projects. The collection textures range from smooth and rugged concrete looks, to terrazzo-inspired designs, to designs with organic veining. All designs will be available in Cambria’s revolutionary Cambria

Matte​™​ finish, which features a smooth, silky touch and no reflectivity, as well as in Cambria’s high gloss finish. Cambria Matte offers an alternative finish style, and highly desirable design aesthetic, to the A&D community.  The Coordinates Collection will be available in a variety of edge profiles in

1cm, 2cm, and 3cm thicknesses and jumbo slabs (132​"​ x 65.5​"​). All designs will also be available as wall and floor tiles in the following sizes (inches): 12x12, 12x24, 18x36, 24x24, 24x48, and 48x48 in 1cm thickness.

For both Cambria and Gensler, protecting the environment and working with sustainably sourced products is of the utmost importance. Cambria strives to use industry-certified sustainable best practices and product transparency in manufacturing its product to leave the smallest environmental footprint possible. Cambria is committed to sustainability and offers products with recycled content comprised of reused Cambria natural quartz slabs, pigments, and binders. The Coordinates Collection further reflects Cambria’s commitment to sustainability: Big Sur Mist™ and Sanibel Shoreline™ designs include pre-consumer recycled content as certified by SCS Global Services.

Known for its palette of 180+ industry-leading, iconic designs, Cambria worked hand in hand with the Gensler team to create a collection just as beautiful as it is functional with designs that fit seamlessly into a myriad of heavily trafficked environments and are 100% nonabsorbent to prohibit liquid and bacteria from penetrating the surface, scratch and stain resistant, maintenance free from sealing or reconditioning, and backed by a transferable Full Lifetime Warranty. 

“While The Coordinates Collection was imagined to meet the demands of contract specifiers, we believe these designs will appeal to the broader A&D community working in every sector looking for access to a thoughtfully designed, safe, durable, maintenance-free product,” said MacKenzie Weldon, Vice President of Corporate Partnerships for Cambria. “The overall aesthetic is current, architectural, and modern.”