BURR RIDGE, IL—In the wake the coronavirus crisis, many healthcare and assisted living facilities are still in short supply of personal protective equipment (PPE). Illinois Brick Company (IBC), a distributor of brick and masonry materials, took action to help local organizations by making a donation to King-Bruwaert House. Located in Burr Ridge, the long-standing, continuing care retirement community was the first recipient of CDC recommended N95 respirator masks from IBC’s inventory. Brittany Munch, Director of Nursing at King-Bruwaert House, received the boxes of the masks directly from IBC Presidents Nathan Karaway and Jerry Vinci.   

According to Karaway, IBC learned that the King-Bruwaert House was in need of masks from an employee, whose mother works at their nursing facility. Acting quickly, IBC pulled together their team and loaded masks into trucks for a prompt delivery. Karaway added, “There is no greater honor than to make this donation to our fellow neighbors, especially those who are working on the front lines to protect our most vulnerable population.” Vinci also shared, “We are so grateful to all the caregivers in our community helping high-risk individuals during the COVID-19 crisis, putting themselves in harm’s way. If our donation of these masks help save just one life, than we’ve accomplished quite a feat.” Munch and the King-Bruwaert House staff shared their appreciation when IBC reached out with an offer of a donation.

This is just one of many initiatives scheduled by the company. As part of the Southfield Corporation family of companies, IBC has vowed to assist local businesses during these challenging times. Southfield Corporation President Joe Benson stated, “Our company has over 18 locations in the Midwest. We aspire to make a difference in each of the communities, where our employees, their families, and our customers are living.”