Offering an exclusive line of resilient and eye-catching porcelain kitchen countertops, shower walls, bathroom vanities, fireplaces and more, Moderno Porcelain Works is excited to join forces with interior design maven, Nina Magon of Contour Interior Design. The brand selected Magon and her incredible design aesthetics to design its new Houston, TX, showroom with an array of modern and sleek details and a sophisticated luxurious appeal. The showroom boasts a variety of timeless designs, including desirable white-veined and dark marble looks, so customers can find the perfect fit for any project.

In an effort to complement the offerings within the showroom, which is just over 7,500 square feet, Magon selected bold and clean design elements, including modern furnishings, strong accent patterns and crisp contrasting colors throughout. As creative director of Contour Interior Design, Magon seeks to first create a vision and then execute it for each client, designing one-of-a-kind environments — each tailored to the client’s unique taste, with an emphasis on skillfully executed flawless detail. The newly designed Moderno showroom is the latest example of integration of design innovation, construction expertise and business acumen from Contour Interior Design.

“Our goal with the space was to enhance the Moderno brand and its impeccable craftsmanship through complementary design elements,” explained Magon. “We chose to emphasize the modern, sleek and refined look that Moderno’s porcelain can bring to any space. From the curved furnishings and statement lighting to the rust-colored pillows and organic-shaped ottomans, we wanted to ensure that the space felt luxurious in its feel yet comfortable and elevated at the same time.”

Moderno Porcelain Works is introducing a new era of large-format porcelain slabs for the commercial and residential industry. The Moderno team has come together to bring their knowledge and expertise of the stone surfacing industry to help showcase the potential of any renovation or new construction project. The opulent lobby and showroom have the feel of a luxury design studio — offering unlimited variations and uses of large-format porcelain slabs. The latest showroom design from Magon allows for a truly immersive design experience.

Magon explained that designing a showroom such as this was a first for her. “We really wanted to make the material stand out, so we had to look into how we could not only put the material on display, but also create custom pieces with the material to show the versatility of the application and colors of the product,” she said. “We chose to emphasize the porcelain slabs in the space by featuring them in a very modern and sleek way with the feel of a luxury design studio — showing the many variations and uses of large-format porcelain slabs. We created a tunnel-like entryway in porcelain, a custom reception desk in porcelain, swivel frames that can be rotated to show different material color variations and featured the many variations of material options in an art gallery way with slanted frames that can be switched out.

“The most memorable part of the design was creating the tunnel-like entryway into the showroom and designing the custom reception desk,” Magon went on to say. “It was really fun creating this hotel-like atmosphere right when you walk in. Our goal with the space was to enhance the Moderno brand and its impeccable craftsmanship through complementary design elements.”

In total, the creation of the Moderno showroom was completed in approximately six months. “We are thrilled with the final product of the showroom,” said Mike Boucher, Moderno’s general manager, “As quality and craftsmanship are a main priority for our products and brand, we wanted to bring in a surrounding environment that felt strong and elevated in its feel. Nina’s incredible and cutting-edge design expertise provided the ultimate finishing touch to the space.”