Derived from the Greek word λίϑος, meaning stone or rock, the new Lithos collection by Cotto d’Este immediately evokes its source of inspiration. An in-depth research on the most precious natural stones present in nature and the brand’s ability to interpret the best effects in extraordinarily sophisticated products has resulted in original and exclusive porcelain stoneware surfaces.

Lithos, in fact, is inspired by the Portuguese stone Gascoigne – a particularly fine limestone –, and boasts the characteristic details and veining of marble. The result is a completely new aesthetic, capable of combining the beauty of limestone with sophisticated and subtle inlaid marble streaks. Tradition and innovation are fused in a new, perfect combination capable of drawing inspiration from two historical and iconic materials, translating them, thanks to Cotto d’Este’s technological expertise, into a completely original product.
The warm and neutral colours range from light grey to dark grey, dove grey and beige, resulting in a collection distinguished by its extremely refined shades.

Surfaces, in particular, have always been Cotto d’Este’s pride and joy, due to the company’s ability to always reinvent them in a distinctive and unusual way. These surfaces, which feature sophisticated treatments, come in 5 different variants: Naturale, Lappata, or coated but not glossy, with an opalescent effect typical of worn marble, Grip, for outdoor installation, and the innovative Sabbiata, all 14 mm thick.

The latter, in particular, with its specially designed structure, graphic effect and colour, is ideal for outdoor installation, thanks to its slip resistance. It can also be used for interiors, thanks to a careful study of its degree of roughness which, lessened but still effective, enables installation in closed environments. In this way, it is possible to maintain perfect uniformity in terms of materials and colours in projects in which the product is used for spaces that continue outwards, such as terraces or patios.

Additionally, the 20 mm-thick Bocciardata products, which evoke the typical treatments used for marble, guarantee non-slip performance, specifically for outdoor use.
This broad spectrum is reflected not only in various exquisite surface treatments, but also in specific graphic variants that distinguish the collection’s different styles in an even more exclusive way

Moreover, the Naturale, Lappata and Sabbiata versions integrate Protect, the exclusive Panariagroup technology for high-performance antibacterial floor and wall coverings, which eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria from the surface, ensuring healthy and safe environments.
Thanks to the refined aesthetic and extreme versatility provided by the numerous finishes, sizes and thicknesses, Lithos is a stylish addition to elegant private spaces in architectural, contract and commercial projects, as well as in hospitality environments and public spaces.