With technology continually reaching new peaks, there are more digital options for fabricators to assist them in succeeding in their business. These products can range from scheduling and job management software that keeps things organized in the shop and make communication easier for the fabricator, all the way to digital templating that helps fabricators reducing the amount of rework and other modifications. While there is a lot of technology out there that is available for the fabricator, the following products are available from leading manufacturers.

Chameleon Power


CounterVision by Chameleon Power


CounterVision by Chameleon Power is a visualization tool and service that generates leads and helps buyers with the buying decision. CounterVision integrates into the fabricator’s website and helps the site visitor/buyer find the right countertop material, and view it in their room. The AR (augmented reality) version can be utilized in the home to help view colors real time on the counter. The service is populated with all surfacing types, along with complementary surfaces (cabinetry, flooring, wall colors and backsplashes).   


ETemplate Systems


ELaser Xpress Templating System


ETemplate Systems, an expert in digital measuring, released their second generation ELaser Xpress Templating System powered by the award-winning ETemplate Measure Manager software, offering seamless compatibility with all CNC machinery. The Xpress features an industry best three-year warranty, enhanced speed, averaging one second per point, accuracy of 1mm for a typical-sized space, digital leveling and all new compact design with rugged case coming in at a very portable 13 pounds.  These enhancements, along with the automated countertop functions within Measure Manager, allow the user to create templates much faster. Setup, shoot your points and press enter; you’re done.




Sophia IoT by Biesse in collaboration with Accenture


Sophia IoT is the newest IoT platform developed by Biesse in collaboration with Accenture, which enables its customers to access a wide range of services to streamline and rationalize their work management processes. Based on the connection to a Cloud service, this system allows operators to send real-time information and data on the technologies in use, optimizing the performance and productivity of machines and systems. The information detected enables the machine functions to be analyzed in detail, detecting malfunctions, assisting customers in maintenance operations and ultimately preventing faults.

Furthermore, the direct connection with the Parts Sophia, the Biesse Group replacement parts portal, makes managing replacement parts simpler and more efficient.

The key value of Sophia is its predictive nature: the ability to anticipate issues and identify solutions to resolve these, thus reducing downtime. Intermac takes proactive steps to contact the customer before a problem can manifest, reducing inefficient wasted time.


Laser Products


Laser Product Inc. LT-2D3D Laser Templator


One of the most popular features of Laser Product Inc.’s  LT-2D3D Laser Templator is its CNC integration capabilities. Rapid file transfer and seamless integration to many CNC brands ensure files are setup specifically to each brand’s specifications to help expedite the fabrication process by reducing rework and other modifications. This integration is one of the main reasons why the top CNC manufacturers recommend our system. Also, this feature is just one component of the comprehensive output package the LT-2D3D creates for each job. Create and package estimates, signoffs, contracts, slab layout and jobsite photos into one complete package that can be emailed.


Laser Template Inc.


Flexijet 3D Next Generation Measuring System by Laser Template Inc.


Laser Template Inc. has officially brought the Flexijet 3D Next Generation Measuring System to the North American market. With the stone industry shifting toward full bathrooms, shower stalls and vertical surfaces, fabricators need a system that can continue to measure countertops with precision and speed, while also having the ability to tackle complex designs. Add in top-of-the-line on-site training with industry professionals and the ability for remote support. Flexijet 3D Next Generation will advance your shop into the future of production.




Systemize from Moraware


Systemize from Moraware is a scheduling and job management software for countertop fabricators. If you manage your countertop shop with whiteboards, file folders or spreadsheets we can help. Systemize enables consistent communication in your office, your fabrication shop and in the field. By avoiding costly mistakes and keeping your process moving successfully, you’ll be able to track your shop’s improvement over time with our reporting feature. Join the thousands of other fabricators who get more done every day and have happier customers.




Complete digital templating solutions from Prodim


Complete digital templating solutions for the stone industry. With the Proliner at the center of each solution, Prodim provides a fast, accurate, reliable and durable digital templating tool in the market. Used together with the self-developed stone industry software Prodim can offer any stone templater and fabricator a complete digital templating solution to help their business grow. Become a pro – go digital – get the best.




StoneTrash online marketplace


StoneTrash is an online marketplace that is revolutionizing the way industry professionals deal with the problem of excess stone and tile. They provide a platform for distributors, retailers and fabricators to sell this material online at competitive prices. For the first time ever, surplus material from across the country is available to anyone in a single, easy-to-use online interface. StoneTrash handles marketing, shipping and customer service for their sellers; additionally, their network of fabricators is exposed to a new market of online customers. It’s easy to get started, free to list material and the mobile app provides unparalleled convenience to buyers and sellers alike.


Fabricator's Choice


digital templating PHOTOTOP 5


A worldwide digital templating leader, PHOTOTOP 5®, now has even more power capabilities for serious fabricators. New features include Auto-Create Miter Strips, Auto-Create Lamination, Auto-Dimension On PDF Output and more. Now with ORGANIZE®, it provides immediate onsite confirmation and file delivery of the most detailed templates in the business. Professional training and online support are always available. Visit more jobsites in less time for superior more profitable results. Digitally integrate templating with office inventory, job management systems and shop equipment. When you need to expand PHOTOTOP 5 and add templaters you don’t need another software license. Simply order additional ORGANIZE field kits, which include a laptop, camera and markers. Watch PHOTOTOP 5 at work on our website.




Stoneapp by Stonegrid


Stoneapp by Stonegrid is a fully integrated software designed for fabricators by fabricators. Your dream is now a reality: A comprehensive, simple and powerful software system so you can achieve maximum efficiency — enter a lead, move to a quote, promote to a job, manage material, create schedules and assign production resources without any repetitive data entry. Control your margins through price books, built-in cost analysis and commission structure. Reduce errors and manage production with scheduling, parts tracking, field applications, capacity tools and more. Manage purchasing and inventory with reconciliation and valuation reporting tools. Sync with Sage or Quickbooks (online or desktop) to eliminate data entry time and errors. Stoneapp provides you with complete efficiency and insight into your fabrication business.






SPEEDdraw is designed to expedite the process of turning digital measuring files into completed shop drawings and program ready files. Whether you finalize your dxf files using a field measurer or CAD draftsman, SPEEDdraw produces a final shop ticket and creates program ready files in 50%-75% of the time. SPEEDdraw was developed by countertop fabricators for countertop fabricators!






SPEEDlabel is a digital solution that allows users to create labels for each part and piece of a job moving through their shop. Labels are applied to the pieces immediately after cutting. The label and adhesive are specially designed to withstand the harsh environment of a Fab shop but still be easily removed after install.  SPEEDlabel allows customers to achieve better shop organization, avoid leaving the shop without parts or pieces, and driving more thorough quality control and accountability. SPEEDlabel was developed by countertop fabricators for countertop fabricators.