For this issue of Contemporary Stone and Tile Design magazine, we take a look at stone used in architectural landscape and building stone applications, as well as some creative uses of quartz surfacing. We feature Miller Park in Chattanooga, TN, that features a regional sandstone from the area to create an interactive environment for visitors to the park. According to Patrick Wells, the CEO of Majestic Stone, the stone supplier for the park, “The motivation driving the entire Miller Park project was something we loved from the start. When the city decided to lead the charge on the renovation, they did so in the spirit of boosting community engagement – using the park to connect what had become a slightly disjointed urban corridor.”

We take a look at the design and construction of a temple in downtown Philadelphia that uses a stone from Stonington, ME, supplied by A. Lacroix Granit in Quebec, Canada. One of the biggest challenges of this project was the size of the building, the amount of stone needed and the location. “Building in a city is usually a very complex manor,” said Roger Jackson of FFKR Architects. “We were very fortunate to be working with a contractor from the city who does this all the time and didn’t blink.”

Within our quartz coverage, we have a project that uses HanStone to create a dream kitchen and bathroom. Architect and designer Vykintas Genys was allowed to be extremely creative with their design. “I like floating sinks and thought that this look is what will make the basket weave wall look like an art piece,” said Genys. “Not to stick just to esthetics but to add functionality, I designed storage drawer cabinets under the vanity sink.”

Caesarstone was used on a featured project , along with natural stone, to freshen things up while keeping the structure’s original character. “With this house, we wanted to pay homage to Eichler and do something he would do in 2020,” said designer-builder John Lewis of Lewis Builders. “He was pretty modern for his time, so we called this an ‘updated’ Eichler.”

CSTD also took the time to talk with Ryan Thewes, an architect out of Nashville, TN, to discuss how he got his start, how his company uses natural stone in its design as well some trends he is seeing with building stone. According to Thewes he is seeing less use of stone for whole building facades but rather for accent walls and details. The full interview can be found in this issue.

Coverings had another impressive showing this year in Orlando, FL, featuring nearly 1,100 exhibitors. For a glimpse of what stone and tile was displayed at the event, see the included product roundup.

We at CSTD thank you for your continued support of the magazine and always enjoy hearing from you about the projects that you have been working on with stone and tile. As always, if you ever have a project that you want to see covered, feel free to email me at