Sophia IoT is the newest IoT platform developed by Biesse in collaboration with Accenture, which enables its customers to access a wide range of services to streamline and rationalize their work management processes.

Based on the connection to a Cloud service, this system allows operators to send real-time information and data on the technologies in use, optimizing the performance and productivity of machines and systems. The information detected enables the machine functions to be analyzed in detail, detecting malfunctions, assisting customers in maintenance operations and ultimately preventing faults.

Furthermore, the direct connection with the Parts Sophia, the Biesse Group replacement parts portal, makes managing replacement parts simpler and more efficient.

The key value of Sophia is its predictive nature: the ability to anticipate issues and identify solutions to resolve these, thus reducing downtime. Intermac takes proactive steps to contact the customer before a problem can manifest, reducing inefficient wasted time.

But Sophia goes far beyond this. This solution is inspired by Intermac’s desire to accompany its customers through a process of growth that enables the optimization of all major assets - technological, strategic, organizational and human.