In an expression of natural elegance, Quarzite Charme exudes sentiments of tranquility and grace as tiers of feathered textures span the body of this Exclusive Stone. Winged strokes of layered quartzite capture the essence of serenity in a mélange of pearly ivory hues and sensual undertones.  An even balance of gentle form and flamboyant brushes are captured in a composure that is subtle as a delicate breeze. This stone represents a truly remarkable signature of Haute Nature through an alluring style and refined interior experience.

Rooted in over 60 years of experience, Antolini has constantly evolved as the leader of innovation with technology and development in natural stone processing – without forgetting the importance of quality. Synonymous with excellence and exclusivity, Antolini processes and markets natural stones, bringing out their innate beauty through the concept of Haute Nature by a designer who has provided the world with the most artful creations: Mother Nature.