Before the boundless expanses of grains of white sand, the sea is choppy due to the arrival of a sudden storm while, slowly, the sky turns bluish grey streaked with silver brushstrokes of grey and the golden glow of the lightnings: these are the images evoked by Quartzite Cielo, a crystalline material offered by Antolini. The meeting between the restlessness of continuous change in the air and the vital innate energy in the land appears in Quartzite Cielo, which stands out for its grey/blue colors dotted with white and gold and can give rooms a sense of strength, calm and safety.

Contemporary and minimal, this kitchen space is exalted by light tones and volumes sculpted by natural light. The contrasts between the smooth surfaces and the material veins of the natural stone Quartzite Cielo Antolini enrich the setting, adding consistency and depth. An almost ethereal atmosphere, with geometric volumes, where rich stone surfaces, along with soft natural light, form a kitchen to live in.

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