From December 6-10, NEOLITH in collaboration with the Dutch materials specialists Stone & Skills participated at Masters of LXRY. The premium lifestyle trade show, uniting segments of luxurious design, fashion, gastronomy, jewelry and many others, was held at the Rai Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The showcase, produced in association with the NEOLITH distributor in the Netherlands Michel Oprey & Beisterveld, was specifically designed to demonstrate the potential of NEOLITH Sintered Stone's fabrication possibilities, not merely as a functional item, but also as a decorative and artistic feature. With a 'Four Seasons' theme inspired from renowned composer Vivaldi’s world-famous concerti, the stand included NEOLITH musical instruments, waterfalls, leaves and other artworks.

The eye - catching sculptures were made using various NEOLITH colors such as Zaha StoneNero MarquinaCalatoraoCalacatta Gold, as well as colors from the Colorfeel and Iron Collections. The versatility of the NEOLITH surface and its multiple applications have helped create an individual and exceptional stand which definitely wowed the visitors of Masters of LXRY.