Laticrete, a leading manufacturer of globally proven construction solutions for the building industry, has expanded its diverse family of Spartacote resinous flooring and decorative coating systems to offer customers the most comprehensive line of leading-edge products in the industry. The expansion includes 14 new products that are ideal for a variety of commercial and industrial uses, all backed by Laticrete warranties for a proven installation system.

“Spartacote resinous flooring systems have gained recognition and built a reputation as the most dynamic and customizable concrete coatings available for a wide range of applications,” said Laticrete Channel Manager Jeff Bonkiewicz. “From large warehouses to busy production facilities to hospitals and even breweries, these products complement and expand the Spartacote line, ensuring our customers have the most innovative and versatile choices when seeking a durable flooring system.”

Spartacote SL Topping is a semi self-leveling or seeded high solids, multi-functional epoxy floor topping. This product is stain-resistant with excellent cleanability and combines optimal strength and flexibility for high performance. In addition to being low-maintenance, Spartacote SL Topping is USDA compliant. Best uses include food processing facilities, labs, pharmaceutical plants and wastewater treatment centers.

Spartacote Epoxy Membrane is a flexible epoxy membrane that bridges surface cracks in concrete, using flexible epoxy resin and silica fillers to produce a self-leveling slurry. Spartacote Epoxy Membrane is easy to apply and is best suited as an underlayment for other Spartacote epoxy floor coatings.

Spartacote Urethane Primer WB is a two-component, waterborne aliphatic urethane primer. This product provides excellent adhesion and is eco-friendly, emitting low odor and low VOC. Spartacote Urethane Primer WB is best used as the primer agent for Spartacote Vertical WB and other Urethane systems.

Spartacote Urethane Floor Sealer WB is a two-component, waterborne aliphatic floor coating that offers the chemical resistance and durability inherent to urethanes. In addition to providing excellent resistance to UV discoloration, impact and staining, Spartacote Urethane Floor Sealer WB offers high-performance adhesion and chemical resistance. Spartacote Urethane Floor Sealer WB is available in a satin or matte finish and intended for use in environments such as research labs, hallways and food and beverage facilities.

Spartacote Cove Gel is an epoxy system designed for installation as an integral cove base at 1/16 to 1/4 inches (1.6-6 mm) thick. In addition to emitting low VOC and low installation odor, Spartacote Cove Gel is easy to apply and contributes towards MR 5 and EQ 4.2 under LEED. Spartacote Cove Gel is intended for use with Spartacote resinous coating systems to create a seamless transition between floors and walls.

Spartacote General Primer is a general purpose primer for concrete, steel, cement board and SPARTACOTE epoxy and urethane systems. In addition to being moisture tolerant, Spartacote General Primer is low VOC, low odor and considered user-friendly.

Spartacote Vertical WB is a two-component, waterborne urethane wall coating with a class A fire rating for optimal protection. Spartacote Vertical WB offers the abrasion resistance and toughness inherent of urethanes and can be applied at 6-8 mils wet film thickness (WFT) using a brush, roller or spray. This product is available in a white gloss or white satin finish.

Spartacote Vertical HB is a multi-functional, pigmented, high build epoxy novolac coating for wall and ceiling applications applied at 12-16 mils (0.30-0.40 mm) thickness. In addition to providing excellent chemical and stain resistance, Spartacote Vertical HB offers exceptional film integrity and is USDA and FDA compliant. This system is ideal for use in food and beverage processing facilities and commercial kitchens.

Spartacote Oil Tolerant Primer is a two-component, epoxy primer designed to enhance the bond of all Spartacote epoxy and urethane coatings, linings and flooring products to concrete contaminated with various types of vegetable and petroleum oils.

Spartacote Surface Build Quartz is a general purpose, high-performance epoxy designed for use with Spartacote Blended Quartz broadcasts to create a coating system that provides a strong-bonded monolithic floor that is chemical resistant to a variety of irritants such as salts and sanitizing solutions. It provides excellent adhesion and abrasion resistance. This coating system is ideal for high-traffic interior applications such as commercial kitchens, pharmaceutical facilities and educational environments.

Spartacote Surface Build Flake is a general purpose, high-performance epoxy for use with Spartacote Blended Chip broadcasts to create a seamless flooring system for light- to medium-traffic areas. Spartacote Surface Build Flake is best applied in labs, educational environments and water treatment facilities.

Spartacote Surface Build Top Coat UV is a high-performance top coat that provides increased UV and chemical resistance. Designed for use over Spartacote resinous coating systems, Spartacote Surface Build Top Coat UV can be combined with other products such as Spartacote Surface Build Quartz and Spartacote Surface Build Flake to create resinous flooring systems intended to be used in research facilities, labs and hospitals. Spartacote Surface Build Top Coat UV is eco-friendly— emitting low odor and low VOC.

Spartacote Epoxy Fill Coat is an epoxy-based material for filling surface defects and bugholes in concrete substrates. Spartacote Epoxy Fill Coat can be used in horizontal, vertical and overhead applications and can be troweled or squeegeed. Spartacote Epoxy Fill Coat is low odor and low VOC.

Spartacote Surface Build Pigments are a color concentrate for Spartacote SL Topping and Spartacote Surface Build Flake. Spartacote Surface Build Pigments deliver vibrant, consistent colors that are easy to mix and easy to use onsite.