SARASOTA COUNTY, FL -- Alex Bores has recently join the Breton USA sales team, covering Southern California. Bores, who lives in Arizona with his wife and three children, brings with him 20 years of experience in the stone industry.
Originally from Huron, OH, a small town on Lake Erie, Bores life in the stone industry began when he was 16 years old when he started working for a sandstone quarry in South Amherst, OH. He first started cutting blocks of sandstone into slabs of various thicknesses for patios, steps and other dimensional stone industry projects. He then began sandblasting headstones for war veterans. As he continued developing his craft, Bores discovered a passion for the stone industry. Fast forward 20 years later, Bores now sells the same type of equipment that got him into the industry.
When we asked Mr. Bores why he chose to represent Breton USA among tight industry competition, his answer came quick, natural and sincere. “I wanted to be with an organization that is the best,” he said. “Without question.”
Prior to joining Breton USA’s sales team, Bores earned a degree in Project Management from Bowling Green State University, which carried over to his time working in fabrications shops, and later selling machines and tools for the stone industry. “I love every aspect of this industry -- from being at a quarry to going inside a home and witnessing the final stages of installation for a project,” he said. “The most rewarding part of this job is to be building a relationship with the client.”
When Bores was 17, his family opened their own granite shop in Wakeman, OH. To his recollection, he did not always have it as good as he does now. “It wasn’t the easiest job, as I remember digging the hole for our, new to us, bridge saw,” said Bores. These experiences gave him an appreciation of the machines he sells and helps him understand the value they possess.
Breton USA rests assured knowing its newest agent is as passionate about the stone industry as it is. “He has all the knowledge and industry experience needed to help our company be successful,” stated the company. Bores does not believe that he chose this path, but rather, “The stone life chose me.”