Kaleidoscope Geometric Porcelain Tile Pattern from ANT Tile


Ever since its birth, ANT Tile has been striving to be creative and unique with its pattern designs. Shown here is ANT Tile’s Kaleidoscope Geometric Porcelain Tile Pattern, created with individually placed 2-inch triangular chips and incorporates three different color schemes from ANT Tile’s pure color series. The pattern shown here comes from the Blue Mountain collection and features Lattice, Uncertain Gray and Gale Force coloring in a matte finish. This pattern accentuates any style from classic to modern and adds a sophisticated, playful look to your room.



Riviera Tileworks Escape Collection from Arley Wholesale


Arley Wholesale’s Riviera Tileworks Escape Collection is available in five different with a total of 22 different pieces. Pictured here and creating a unique focal point is the Happiness Mosaic which incorporates three different materials (porcelain, stone and glass). 



Luxe glass collection from Cancos


This isn’t your everyday glass mosaic, refreshingly different from the same old glass mosaic. Here we have a 2-x 4-inch custom patterns fired on the front of stone and behind clear glass, this creates a 3D like effect. Again, this series coordinates with our Luxe glass collection and is specially treated so it can be used in wet and dry areas.



Himalaya Arc Collection from Ege Seramik


From Ege Seramik’s latest collection of Mosaic tiles, introduction the Himalaya Arc Collection available in 13-x 13-inch units. 



Contourz Collection from Lunada Bay Tile


Lunada Bay Tile is breaking design boundaries with Contourz, a tactile collection of concrete tiles that elevates the beauty of vertical and horizontal planes. Modern shapes and colors, together with unparalleled artistry and engineering, construct dynamic surfaces for a variety of spaces. Contourz three-dimensional tiles transform walls into sculpture, while flat field tiles create an atmosphere that ranges from quiet elegance to industrial.  Contourz is available in 18 modern hues, including warm and cool grays and shades of taupe and brown. The collection can be specified for interior and exterior walls, including wet/dry walls, light traffic floors, and has similar characteristics and care requirements as natural stone.



Bianco Dolomite Collection from MSI


Bianco Dolomite is a collection of styles featuring 12x24 flooring tiles, wall and backsplash tiles (including hot new geometric patterns) and a 2CM slab. A classic dolomite from the upper echelon of white stones, this gorgeous line is characterized by smooth grey veining for timeless, on-trend elegance. Residential to light-use commercial, Bianco Dolomite creates beautiful backsplash, countertops, flooring, accent walls, shower surrounds, and other design features. All along, the line mixes and matches for endless of-the-moment looks while each piece on its own adds a touch of unexpected detail and interest to any space. Coordinating cornice molding and pencil molding provide the finishing touch for luxury that transcend the decades.