Gramazini was founded in 1992 by João Thomazini, along with his sons John Lucas Thomazini and Jhonatan Debona Thomazini, in Barra de São Francisco, Espírito Santo, Brazil. From the onset, the company’s objective was to produce the best quality materials for the domestic market, as well as exporting its products worldwide. With the entrepreneurial vision and constant investments in its facility, professional team and technology, Gramazini stands out within the natural stone sector as among the top four exporters in Brazil.

A total of 75% of Gramazini’s work is exported to the U.S. Additionally, it supplies material to Canada, Central America and South America, as well as other countries around the world. “The company owns 28 active quarries — nine of them producing exclusive high-end materials, assuring the continuous supply to meet consumer needs,” said Matt Vigna, sales manager at Gramazini. “We produce basics, exotics and high-end materials — all natural stones, such as, granite, quartzite and marble.”

According to da Mata, each quarry has roughly 20 more years of production or an estimated size of 100 million cubic meters. Blocks extracted from the sites range between 10 to 15 cubic meters, and approximately 150,000 cubic meters are produced monthly.

The quarries, which have about 96 employees and are operational year-round, are equipped with machinery from Atlas Copco. Blocks are extracted using diamond wire saws.

“Our materials can be applied outdoors or indoors for countertops, floors, walls, etc.,” said da Mata. “It can also be polished, honed or given a leather finish, etc.”

Gramazini runs a nearly 140,000-square-foot stone-processing plant at its headquarters in Barra de São Francisco, Espírito Santo, Brazil. The company relies on state-of-the-art machinery from Pedrini to fabricate its stonework.

At the plant, there are 135 workers. Approximately 60,000 square meters of stone products are produced on a monthly basis, which are used for both residential and commercial projects.